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Hi! My name is Theodore Pugh aka Taalib Pugh CEO of DTIS.

The products provided here by DTIS are EBooks of the information available on our website. The available eBook is of UAE at this time, we will be adding Saudi Arabia and Egypt soon after. They will be available through email purchase by PDF attachment. Soon the eBooks will also be downloadable from the website itself as we upgrade the website’s functions. I know you’re excited to get that info! So all you have to do is go to  the contact area in the brother website, look for my email address, send an email stating your interest in purchasing an eBook, and I will give you easy to use instructions on how to purchase the eBook.

Our services provided, will vary from additional updated information, tutorials, and linking to other relative websites that will help assist you on your quest to travel the world.


The Prices for the eBook is reasonably priced at only $5 per eBook.

Prices may vary according to the length, amount of information that is added, and upgrade to eBooks in the future.

Take a peek at the sample. Go a Head!

MiddleEastCollage                                                         © DTIS Ltd



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